Guangzhou Shuotai new environmental
protection material Co., Ltd

Focus on environmental protection building materials

Guangzhou Shuotai new environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. is a professional and powerful enterprise focusing on the production, sales and design of safe, fast and healthy building decoration materials. The company has its own large-scale production plant, with high-tech and automatic production lines integrating ceiling, bamboo and wood fiber, TV wall plate, 3D printing painting, fiber wall panel, decorative line, relief painting and bamboo and wood fiber custom painting. Over the years, the company has always focused on the great advantages in the field of environmental protection building materials, integrated the advantageous resources of the industry, complied with the development requirements of the times, specialized in the production, sales and practical application of integrated walls, and made great achievements in this field. Relying on its deep foundation, the company is determined to stand in the field of home and engineering decoration with unremitting innovation, lead the industry's science and technology, and create quality Innovation, fashion and technology of modern home, the achievement of quality life.

The bamboo wood fiber integrated wall decoration system of Guangzhou Shuotai new environmental protection materials Co., Ltd. adopts the advanced production process of one-time hot pressing bonding technology to form the environmental protection material fiberboard and polymer film. It has ultra-high simulated wood grain, stone grain, wallpaper and other color effects. It is a substitute for traditional decoration materials to satisfy consumers, and has the advantages of no pollution, long service life, thermal insulation It has the characteristics of moisture-proof and fire prevention, easy installation, easy scrubbing, time-saving and efficient, fashionable and beautiful, recyclable and so on. It can be widely used in the decoration engineering of homes, offices, administrative buildings, hotels, restaurants, bars, KTVs, leisure clubs, hospitals, schools and other places and environments. Based on the enterprise spirit of low-carbon and environmental protection, according to the continuous development of social needs, the company also provides customers with professional customized decoration for new houses, and has carried out customized business cooperation for major home decoration and public decoration enterprises in China!

In the future, the company will strive to build a new way of life for all mankind, create a comfortable living space and lead the future!


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Interpret life with art, define the trend with design, and jointly provide environmental protection, comfort, fashion and personalized customized home space for thousands of families around the world.
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